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Raul's Taqueria


Our Story

Raul's Taqueria has been a staple of La Grande's Mexican food scene for more than ten years. 

Our Favorite Dishes
Raspberry Chimichanga

Satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty deep fried dessert


The famous "Huarache" (huh-raa-chee); Maybe hard to pronounce, but easy to enjoy.

Beef Barbacoa

As one of Mexico's most popular dishes, our Beef Barbacoa is sure to please any meat-eater.

Raul's Quesadilla 

A custom version of everyone's favorite Mexican dish, Raul's Quesadilla is filled with fresh vegetables, quality 

cheese and meat of your choice.

Street Tacos

Whatever you look for in your Mexican cuisine, Raul's famous Street Tacos won't disappoint. 

In accordance with updated* Oregon Health Authority Guidelines (OHA2288K), all patrons over the age of 5 years must wear face coverings at all times (except when eating or drinking ) .
For more information about these guidelines, and information on how to keep yourself and those around you safe, see the full O.H.A. document HERE

* Information updated from Oregon Health Authority, as of 7/29/20, 11:52PM